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13 House Projects Enhanced by Landscape Design

13 House Projects Enhanced by Landscape Design © Derek Swalwell Written by Paula Pintos about 17 hours ago A healthy environment that is also visually appealing in our homes has become increasingly sought when it comes to designing houses and residential spaces, especially during the world’s current context. One of the most successful ways of achieving this is through a thoughtful design of the landscape that complements the built project. The art of landscaping is the arrangement of nature’s raw material elements, like vegetation and planting, combined with nonliving elements, such as exterior structures, paving, and decking, in order to create site-specific solutions that enhance the exterior spaces of a project. © Frans Parthesius© Jeremias Thomas© Derek Swalwell© Peter Eckert+ 34 The discipline requires knowledge and very specific techniques that many times go beyond the architectural fields per se, and it is why landscape architecture and design has appeared as an expertise branch of design. This has made it very common for architects to resort to collaborative work with landscape offices when working on residential projects. Save this picture!Mr. Barrett's Garden by Daniel Zamarbide. Image © Dylan PerrenoudMr. Barrett's Garden by Daniel Zamarbide. Image © Dylan Perrenoud Particularly in residential landscape architecture, we have found two main ways of resolving gardens, depending on the setting and context on which the project sits. In houses that are already set in natural and green environments, the main objective of landscaping is to tame this exterior greenery as it approaches the house. On the other hand, when the project is located in more dense residential areas, the challenge is to integrate greenery into the house as much as possible through terraces, exterior flooring, and interior courtyards. Related Article Pamela Conrad on Climate Positive Design, Landscape Architecture, and Carbon Sequestration
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